• HODLR Disks was optimised for use with Shamir Secret Sharing or split seed. Essential identification information about your recovery scheme setup is engraved into stainless steel and you will always be able to identify your HODLR.

  • 24 words basic seed split is possible with HODLR Disks. However, Shamir Secret Sharing does the same job but is way more secured in terms of encryption of each share.

  • HODLRs have a dedicated area to engrave their seed parameters on their inner lower plate:
    • Total number of shares
    • Share number
    • Threshold
    • Seed name
  • Bear in mind that every HODLR that holds shares of the same seed must be assigned the same seed name.

  • Once all the shares are engraved and in multiple Hodlrs and sealed, it is mandatory to store them in different locations to harness the power of this security setup.

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